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Why Publish With Us

  • Enhanced Citation occurrences
  • Wide Coverage Area
  • Recognition and Acceptance of Research Work
  • Publication based on the “Peer Review” model
  • Publication of quality research Articles
  • Strict plagiarism checking

About Us

Platinum Global Journals is an international, open access and peer reviewed journal that publishes the highest quality articles in all areas of research and delivers it to the widest possible audience. It also provide a rapid turn-around time possible for reviewing and publishing.

Platinum Global Journals serve as a forum for researchers, readers etc to easily locate, and acquire knowledge from the quality articles we publish and to diseminate these articles freely for referencing and teaching purpose without financial restriction.

Our Mission is to contributes to the growth of research by publishing high quality research papers while providing unrestricted access to our publications. Our publications are fully open access where researchers and readers have free and limited access to the full text of our quality articles.